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Apple's HomePod firmware is a gift that keeps on giving, although we never thought that the tech giant's products would end up developing a magnanimous behavior of their own. The latest scoop from the Center City-based technology journalist is causing a lot of buzz among Apple fans.

Rambo found suggestions that the next version of the iPhone would be capable of capturing high-speed slow motion video at a full 1080p resolution using both the back and the front-facing cameras. While being able to register multiple figures is logical for a fingerprint scanner-based Touch ID system in the previous and current iPhones, for using both hands and multiple fingers in different context for unlocking the handset, the same can not be said of faces for a single-user phone such as an iPhone. Not too long after, all three devices will launch concurrently, presumably in late September. That's how Apple can silence notifications and vibrations if you're looking at your phone because a banner should be enough. However, that is not the only thing the 3D sensor could be used for. It will be watching the user and detect you when they look at the handset.

"The entire face of the phone, nearly, is taken up by the screen".

Earlier in July, rumors came out suggesting Apple was attempting to strike a deal with LG to invest billions of dollars in a new facility that will exclusively crank out OLED displays for Apple. Echoing a number of previous reports, Kuo adds that initial supply of Apple's highly anticipated device will be extremely constrained and that Apple may only be able to manufacture "between 2 million and 4 million" during the current quarter. While the scope of application of AR on iPhone 8 is unclear, expect Apple to show off some AR related technologies on their new iPhone.

The report says that an "official from a Korean supplier" claimed that while Apple has "approved the September launch of two LCD models", the premium model "is likely to be delayed to November".

The ousting of the Home button will reportedly make way for a display the size of the iPhone 7 Plus on a phone as wide as the standard iPhone 7, with the iPhone 8 rumored to boast an edge-to-edge screen.

In the leaked photographs, we can't perceive any unique mark sensor on the front and back.

Sorry to break it to those who were hoping to see it sooner, but on the bright side it is rumoured to be thinner and lighter, have a rounder face, new display design, cellular connectivity, built-in camera, brighter display, and a better battery life.